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My story 

 Today my life and I, are nothing to compare with how we once were, my body and mind have often betrayed me. As with many others that I had learned to trust, value and rely upon, I have been cheated, lied to, abused and let down by them all.
 I am a disabled veteran, I was drafted in to the Israel Defense Force during the 80's and have served 20+ years in various qualifications and skill levels. During my many years of service in a special unit of the combat engineers. I was involved in many aspects of firearms, ballistics, explosives and demolition, to name just a few fortes among a repertoire of aquatic and dynamic entry skills.
  Discovered after many years (15 +/-) of incompetent doctor visits and hundreds if not thousands of uncaring, self righteous doctors and $$. I suffer from a body full of Fibromyalgia among other pain inducing conditions caused and aggravated by 20 years military service above and beyond all possible call.
 The story is longer and gets more sinister as the plot thickens, but for that u will all need to wait until I can do more writing about what I have been through and where I want to go. I also have a ton of pages to load on my sniper section. Hope u all enjoy what I have put down.
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Birthday: March 18, 1964
Hometown: New York, N.Y.C.
Political Views: F@#k em all
Religious Views: Smoke marijuana
Body type: 5' 11" / Athletic
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Smoke / Drink: Yes / No
Status: Divorced +3
Toker, Smoker & a Midnight joker

My Interests

DPS - Disturbed Physician Syndrome
"Physicians are psychologically disturbed.
1) They ignore the data.
2) Whatever data there is, they manipulate to say what they want"


 I will be adding to the life time line a letter to a friend, dated approx from 3 years ago after the decision to separate from my wife of 24 years. Its a doozy and explains how I have gotten to where I am today, not to talk of my children.

The following is a letter sent to a specialist 3 years ago at least, the pain specialist i met with to that date just didn't care. I was at my wits end and had no idea what to do to help myself, or for that matter any idea how to ease the pain I was enduring 24/7.

Letter dated 08/09/06

My name is *** ****** i am (was) 42 years old and i live in Israel. for the last 15 years i have been having back problems and pains, i have come across the mount Sinai neurosurgery page on the web looking for a solution to my problem. Once while i visited NYC i went and saw a neurologist, his diagnosis was that i had degenerative disk disease.
Since then the pain has gotten seriously bad and now there are many things i can not do any more because of it. In addition approx 18 months ago i heard a violent crunching cartilage shredding noise in my right hip & thigh, since then i have been told I ripped a muscle and that's all. Me my back and hip area are seriously "out of balance" and so said the physiotherapist i am going to. I have been given pro-tenc machine and Duragesic patches for pain, but the patches makes me physically sick as was the case with Tramadex and all the other pills i have been  given.
i have been to all to many doctors here in Israel trying to isolate what is the problem and how do i fix it,  how to get grips on the pain and the other strange things that are happening to my body because of the pressure on my spine.
I have a CT back (1999), MRI x 2 back & hip(2006), EMG x2 (2006) results and blood work
. I would appreciate if i could send u the CD's of the CT & MRI(s) to take a look at and tell me what u can do to help me or what else you need. i know this all may sound very strange but i don't really know what else to do to help myself and my back pains are seriously affecting the way i live and raise my children.


CT results

*** ****** is suffering from long term back pain that radiates down to the legs, buzzing sensations in feet. lately feels buzzing down arms and shaking/trembling of the hands and feet. in the past he has been treated (I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED TREATMENT FROM ANY ORTHOPED OR OTHER DOC HERE IN ISRAEL) by orthopedist with CT 1999_ bulging disks c6-7 and l5-s1 on 20/6/05 he was checked by orthopedist at Bellinson hospital MRI was ordered from s1-d12. EMG was also done to arms and legs, EMG 14/7/05 mild lower limbs sensory neuropathy.,. mild rt CTS radiculopathy lt c5-c6,l5-s1. also suffers from vitamin b12 def.

I continue the saga of my fibro the problems it and the medications have given me. The total ignorance of the medical system, I just think to myself of all the people that are led around by doctors like cattle to slaughter. God forbid your fight back and do your own research on the subject.


To whom it may concern,

None of the document # 4 chemicals work, I have taken almost all the above and then some more not noted on the paper. All that the chemicals do is they make me sick as a dog! The chemicals side effects make all my symptoms much worse.

While the doctors are to busy telling me it's all in my head, or are too busy taking care of their other interests, it is downright torture what I have been going through all these years. With doctor's countless inconclusive tests, therapies, prodding, poking, chemicals and recently a few nasty boughts of withdrawals from FENTANIL and OXYCODONE just to name just a few.

I want to know what else I have to have done to me so that a real doctor and not some distracted bureaucrat will take my complaints, pains and this illness seriously. I have more than proved above and beyond any shadow of a doubt that I have been through it all. I will take no more abuse from the system that couldn't care less about my pain and the mental anguish that I and my family are going through because of it.

I have added for you printed medical data other journal information and abstracts about fibromyalgia, some pharmacology, marijuana, THC, other drug therapy's. The nasty chemicals that you make me take, they don’t work!

1) Fibromyalgia medical abstracts

2) Other Drugs and Therapy's abstracts and medical journals

3) THC and Fibromyalgia

6) Mt. Sinai Medical Center; Medications for Fibromyalgia (chemicals that I have taken that made me very sick.)

I seriously hope u will take as much time to reading and considering the facts as I have taken to research the issue for your knowledge and your enlightenment into what I have been going through all these long sleepless years of incredible pain and suffering. 

*** ****** 


Dont take pills, smoke Marijuana !!!

Marijuana has also helped me stop smoking cigarettes, and that I thought I would never ever be able to do after being seriously addicted to tobacco for almost 30 years. (LASTED FOR 2 YEARS)

From blog post Mar 21, '07 6:34

HI to all, I'm new at this blog stuff so here I go.

I discovered i have fibromyalgia a few months ago.... I have been running it down for years and years (15), now it finally has a name.

It does explain 99% of the shit that has been bothering me for since I can remember. the funny thing is I went to a pain specialist in Israel, the doc works in Boston also so he should also know better, (you would think). I gave him my list of complaints pain here, back sticks there, leg kills me there there and there, tremors, buzzing sensation and a few other things that scream fibromyalgia to any one that knows or specializes in pain.

He says handing me back a CD..... "I don't know how to read this MRI stuff, but if I can give u a bit of advice... don't give a big list of aches, pains and other symptoms to doctors, it just confuses them". Then he proceeded to give me a lumbar injection even though I didn't need it, and Ii am sure he knew it wouldn't help either.......

So in short, smoke marijuana! yes it will help better than any thing the "docs" can poison you with.

What ever you do just don't start with all those nasty chemicals they will try to get you hooked on with lies and fables. "these pills and patches are great and many people say they work"( just take it for 2 years and well need to switch you over to some thing more expensive).

Well to make a long story short, I took em all and the withdrawals (9 days of something eating u from inside your bones) are seriously nasty, Chemicals that even the most demented junkie will not have anything to do with.

Got Q's ?

Ask away, I did my research on the subject and have more knowledge and medical journal abstracts to share.


From blog post April 27, 2007

After loosing vision in my left eye this week, being run to doctors who didn't have a clue why, what happened, but couldn't bring their self's to say it. Not only that I was bitched at for not being able to hold my eyes open when they shine that tortuously blinding light in your eyes, the bastards. (classic fibro symptomology is sensitivity to bright light BLOG POST)

So I decided to search the subject and follow trails as I do most things, damn its hard to read. This is what I found, to say the least on eyes and my fukin fibromyalgia. I also went one step further and did a search on fibromyalgia and thyroid, n it aint pretty.

What I didn't find was if the vision gets better worse stays the same or comes back, hope this helps some one.

(P.S. I was blind in the eye for 6+ months then I saw a gray purple blob in center of my field of vision. I still to this day have vision problems, I blame the side effects of the poisons I was prescribed and made to take by corrupt non caring doctors and a sadist of an "EX"wife that fed me all that poison on the hour.)

"The American College of Rheumatology, American Medical Association, The World Health Organization, and the National Institutes of Health have all accepted FMS as a legitimate clinical entity. If your doctor "doesn't believe in FM", you are going to the wrong doctor (kick em in da nutz!). At the Travel Focus on Pain Seminar 2000, I. Jon Russell MD, editor of the Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain, mentioned the use of the Functional MRI, which shows the brain in action. In a healthy individual, when you pressed on a tender point, there is minimal response, but in a patient with FMS, "...the result was wild. The whole brain went crazy." Something is happening in the FMS central nervous system that doesn't happen to healthy people."

 Sept 23 2009 22:46

I am updating the page today and adding a letter I wrote to a friend not long after I was released from prison and house arrest.

High bro I miss u very much.

I have been going through hell, im getting divorced and the family has been destroyed by a very nasty evil woman that I lived with for over 20 years. My son lives with me and I haven’t seen my girls since January. His mother is suing for custody among other things and he don’t want to go after what she put him through

I had a stint in prison for 4 months and I am very depressed about it all. I really was going to come and visit this summer I put money away for a trip but everything was stolen by the b!@ch I wasted 20+ years with.

I got busted for a few plants on my roof I use them to help me with my disease. The docs gave me so many narcotics and cocktails of pills I almost died. Yea the b!@ch fed them to me and I lost about a year of my life.

My weight went down to 45 kg and I almost died from it all. But no one cared not even the doctors that wrote prescriptions, and they never ended. I had a hell of a time kicking all the drugs, they turned me into a fucking junkie and of that I am ashamed. 9 days of f@#king hell I went through to kick the narcotics and I still have memory problems among others.

Im sorry I haven’t written to you earlier but I was ashamed of who I had become. I do miss you and the lovely Fridays when u used to play and we would listen, dance and sing.

My heart is broken and my spirit is crushed and it isn’t even close to being over. She sues me for everything under the sun, not like I have anything anymore the 3 lawyers I had to pay took care of all that and in addition I get chump change for my disability, I cant even live on it and I don’t see the end coming any time soon.

Tomorrow I go to the parole officer and she is a serious bitch I get piss tested and cant smoke my meds till all this shit is over.

I am hurting inside and out ....I duno which is worse my brother, I am tortured over n over by this shit situation, and it makes my disease so much worse I really don’t know what to do any more..350 hours of service I need to do and the kicker is I can’t hardly do anything for myself cause of the pain and mental anguish I have been going through.

**** says hi and he also misses you very much we play your CD often...BTW gimme more of your music and the vid u shot where can I get it. LOL

Well that’s about it for now I really miss the old days and you especially I hope one of these days to get my shit together and get the f@#k out of this rotten country.

I am sorry I haven’t been in touch earlier but my life is really fucked up bad, and not by my own doing either. Its like running after a bush fire that ignites some place else as soon as u stamp it out.

I love ya my brother and hope all is great with you and yours. My e mail is the same or a message here is cool also.

I want to write more but it would seriously depress you and I don’t want that. I think after all I gave for this country was wounded so many times in the service and all I get is shit no understanding of my disease r nothing.

Well ill stop now man, this is allot to read and take in at once. Just remember I always think of you and your music. I wish u only the best and hope all your dreams come true.

Your brother from another mother,

A.K.A Mazanga


A little more in depth so u can understand it better, that is if u haven’t closed this by now.

So....I wasn’t just busted for marijuana but that’s what they (the pigs) came for. My "EX" came over to my house one morning and attacked me in front of my son. I let her beat me and had a vid cam filming in my hand. The pigs came and took us both to the station, there she ratted me out the scum bag. (I have been trying to get govt permission for 6 years already to’s always some excuse why they say no)..2 days before this all we signed the contract (divorce agreement) it just didn’t rub her the right way.

They came over tore the place apart. I had stuff at the house from my sniper and demo work, things that u hold on to in case they call u up, so u get there (where ever they need u) I am ready and loaded heavy. All that crap I forgot to give back... my disease u know will f@#k with the memory and on top of all the drugs they fed me didn’t help much either, it just flew out of my head. Loads of sniper ammo flare guns flares a few grenades flash bangs, battle gear, the works! A one man army u could say....

Well I got papers from my #2 eyeball (an officer) and still a good friend (my 2nd friend I have) saying that I was given it to hold in case u gotta move n get busy fast blah blah blah. Those charges were taken down from a really serious state to just having ammo without a license and having army gear with no permission. MAN O MAN WAS I LUCKY. Well the really great expensive lawyer helped, he cost 12k, n that aint chump change.

I got 350 hours instead of 7 years!!

Cause, hey u can drive n drink and nothing bad will happen to u loose u r license n pay a bit of cash, but u can’t smoke, be sick n have ammo....WTF!! It was sitting here for 5 - 7 years n I just forgot like many other things...

The marijuana they got at my house was 6 plants that were growing on my terrace and 4 that I was drying, plus another 1.7 kg of leaf I saved to enrich the soil, I love plants!! Any kind, well especially marijuana....LOL I know im so bad....... :~}}

It really does help the fibro like you wouldn’t believe, and I mean, I don’t even get “high” I get normal if u can understand that.

Well that’s about it, I hope I didn’t turn into an evil man in your eyes as I have my daughters.

There is much more to this story for sure but I will leave with this for now and ill see what else will fit.

Thank you for your time and I will be updateing the pages as time and creativity permit 




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